Half of People Say Holiday Season Should Last Longer–With 74% Saying Holiday Prepping Puts Them in a Good Mood

Half of Americans said there’s not enough time in the holiday season to do everything they want to do, according to a new poll—but it all puts them in a good mood.

The survey asked 2,000 adults about how they spend time during the holiday season and found that 52% try to fit in as many festive activities as possible.

This may be why half of Americans wish the holiday season lasted longer than it actually does (54%). While most of these respondents said up to two more weeks would suffice (59%), four in ten wouldn’t mind if the holidays went on even longer.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Dutch Bros coffee, 74% of those surveyed reported that prepping for the holiday season puts them in a good mood—with a third claiming that they are the most festive person they know.

Some respondents shared their unique holiday traditions, such as wearing costumes on Christmas morning, hiding a pickle ornament on the tree (and whoever finds it gets a special extra gift), and putting a candle in a scoop of ice cream (and whoever’s candle burns the longest opens the first present.)

One respondent said their family eats pizza on Christmas Eve. Another has a group of friends that get together to create a holiday craft that they use as a gift for someone less fortunate.

But even with those unique traditions, the results found that Americans haven’t abandoned the classics like eating/drinking their favorite holiday treats (72%), watching classic holiday movies (65%), decorating the home (61%), or baking for loved ones (53%).

On average, people invest about 30 hours of work into holiday chores like planning or wrapping presents.

From last-minute shopping to wrapping presents, the holidays can be a lot to keep up with, leaving 40% struggling to keep themselves energized during the season.

Whether you love the bustle of the busy holiday season or not, let your holiday season be a time to enjoy yourself and appreciate the festive surroundings.